Why 1940s style is not a fashion trend

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The 1940s were a difficult time for Britain. The 1950s were also a difficult time for Britain. After all, post-war austerity meant that rationing continued until July 1954. These were not the good old days for women. They were not the good old days for anyone.
In the 21st century, dressing like a dedicated follower of 1940s fashion in your daily life is inappropriate and reduces the sacrifices made by women to a fashion trend. Victory rolls and back-seamed stockings are not empowering. It’s like hipsters prancing around in feathered headdresses.
It’s also nostalgia for something that never existed. During the war and post-war years, my grandmother was farming and raising three children. Were she alive today and saw that Cath Kidston are shilling tea cosies for £20 by using a sentimental myth of women as happy homemakers she would have been appalled. I doubt my grandmother ever spent any money on a tea cosy. She probably made her own.

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