What’s in your bag?

northwest is best hilmar handbag

My new handbag has received a lot of compliments, on the internet and in the real world. Do you want to know some more about it? Well, I’m going to tell you. It came from my local charity shop, and is vintage (1950s? 1960s? I’m not sure). The label is Hilmar of Manchester, and it pleases me that this delightful bag will be staying in the city where it was made. The straps are a little bit worn, but can be replaced. Or upgraded.

While we’re here, I might as well fulfil a blogger cliche and tell you what I carry in my bag. It varies everyday, and I usually end up toting around a rucksack too. But here are the regular bits and bobs:

northwest is best whats in your bag

1 // plasters and safety pin. You know, just in case.
2 // aspirin (from my holiday to Belarus)
3 // comb
4 // library card. An amazing bit of plastic which allows me to access thousands of books, journals, DVDs, CDs and archived newspapers.
5 // £1.50 in change. Recently, I’ve been leaving my wallet at home. This prevents ‘accidents’ like walking out of a charity shop having purchased a polyester Fergie-style 80s prom dress because it ‘might be fun to wear in the pub’.
6 // Burt’s Bees hand repair creme and cuticle cream. Although I’m wearing gloves whenever I venture outside now that the temperature’s dropped, my hands still get dry.
7 // red lipstick.
8// Vaseline. This tin’s a bit battered because it’s been to so many places with me. Oh, the stories it could tell etc…
9 // LED bike light. Because the light is so murky these days, I have this little light blinking away on the back of my bike when I’m riding in the daytime as well as night.
10 // Reflective stripes. Used instead of trousers clips. Be safe, be seen. They’re also good if you’re jogging or walking a dog after dark.
11 // Bike lock. This isn’t a super fancy bike lock, but I don’t have a super fancy bike. If I did, I would get a D-lock.
12 // Water bottle.

Not pictured… my phone (a clunky old Nokia), tissues, front bike light and my notebook. They’re around somewhere. But you know what tissues look like.

northwest is best library card