What I made Wednesday: Lady Gaga collage

lady gaga collage

With a pot of PVA glue, a pair of nail scissors and a pile of junk mail, I made this collage of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album cover. It’s a birthday card for my friend Ben. You’re right – I could have gone to a shop and bought him a card, but that wouldn’t give me an opportuntiy to get my arts ‘n crafts on. And a shop bought card doesn’t give you the same gooey feeling of ‘hey! I made this for you! Because you’re my friend!‘*

Everyday, a few takeaway leaflets are shoved through my front door, and they go straight from the letterbox to the recycling bin. It was only when I saw Sandhi Schimmel Gold’s collages that I realised they had a use.

Ben isn’t a big Lady Gaga fan, but the Born This Way album cover is a bold and recognisable image, plus I knew he would appreciate the gesture of a homemade card.

Happy birthday, Ben!

* I once laboured over a handmade gift for a friend, then presented it to them. Beaming, I told them ‘I made this for you!‘ They examined it. Then said: ‘errrr, why?

lady gaga collage holding