What I made Wednesday: floral circle skirt

northwest is best chintz

Inevitably, somebody is going to tell me that I look like I’m wearing a tablecloth. That’s because I am wearing a tablecloth, which I made into a circle skirt. In the past, my sewing was a bit sloppy and rushed, but recently I’ve made the effort to slow down and concentrate on the details. Because this tablecloth was circular, I could have chopped a hole in the middle, crawled in and shouted ‘ta da!‘ Instead, I not only handsewed the buttonhole but also the entire hem (machine sewing makes a circle hem sit all wrong).
Circle skirts are a good project for novice sewers, and you can find an explanation here. Or here. Mine is fastened with a (nearly) invisible zip and button, but you can simplify it with an elastic waistband. Warning: circle skirts need a lot of material, which is why I used this outrageously chintzy tablecloth (£1.50 from a charity shop). Second warning: sewing circle skirts is also addictive, and I’m already working a plain one.
Well. I should walk around a bit incase someone mistakes me for a sofa and tries to sit on my lap.

top – american apparel // skirt – made by me // wedges – dune