Victorian portrait

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If you say to me ‘exhibition’, I will reply ‘when and where?’ Being an autodidactic type, I love poking around museums and galleries, absorbing information on anything and everything.
Last week, after some Twitter chatter from my friend Paul, I went to see the Anatomy Projects exhibition at the Holden Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University. Since 2005, photographers Gavin Parry and David Penny have been documenting the staff of the university by taking portraits with a restored 19th century camera. The resulting pictures have a really beautiful and poignant quality to them which, as a photographer novice, I struggle to explain.
I took the opportunity to sit for a portrait and see a 120-year studio camera with my own eyes. The Victorian technology requires a lot of cranking, slotting and coaxing, and I could imagine what an exotic and slightly intimidating experience it would have been over a century ago.
Thanks to Gavin and Dave for letting me participate in the project, even though I’m not connected to Manchester Metropolitan University (well, some of my best friends studied there…)
If you’re a camera fan, Paul put some pictures up on his blog.