Union Jack(y)

 northwest is best union jacky
Look! I made a pun. Because I’m wearing a navy jacket, white dress and red tights I’ve titled this post Union Jack(y). DOYAGEDDIT? Blue, white and red like the Union Jack. The flag of the UK. Where I live. And my name is Jacky. Which is like Jack. Funny. YES?

Oh, nevermind. These tights always get a reaction. And when I say reaction, I mean people stare, sometimes laugh and occasionally point. The way I see it, I’m doing them a favour by giving them some entertainment in their otherwise colourless and barren lives. Exactly like that Chinese restaurant episode of Seinfeld.
corduroy jacket – oxfam // dress – charity shop // giraffe necklace – a gift from my sister // tights – jonathan aston // shoes – stead & simpson
northwest is best crocuses giraffe necklace
northwest is best red legs
northwest is best trainers telephone wire