Terribly British

Me & Yu t-shirt and paisley skirt

You might be British if:

  1. your beverage of choice is ‘a nice cup of tea’.
  2. if a passerby accidentally bumps into you in the supermarket, your response is ‘sorry about that’.
  3. you’ve been known to switch on the TV and say ‘oh good, One Man And His Dog is on’.
  4. when your local charity shop having a fill-a-bag sale you only fill it to half/three quarters full because you don’t want to be rude.

Despite only half filling the plastic carrier bag in question, I still managed to buy a top, a coat and two skirts for the £3 I spent in my local charity shop. This paisley skirt was approximately twice the size when I bought it, but I spent half an hour quietly swearing over my sewing machine to adjust it. We can definitely proclaim that £3 bargainous.

cardigan – secondhand // t-shirt – me & yu // skirt – sue ryder care charity shop // boots – a gift

Me & Yu t-shirt and paisley skirt