Stars go amiss

northwest is best stars go amiss

Manchester isn’t a big, big city. Yes, it is big, but not on the scale of London, Berlin, New York or Tokyo. So it surprises me that there’s so much variations in neighbourhoods that are so close together. West Didsbury is for young professionals as it’s full of pubs specialising in lazy Sunday lunches and artisan food shops. Chorlton is for party-hard creative types as it’s full of bars (RIP Dulcimer…) and charity shops.

I used to live in Ardwick, which always made people say ‘…really?‘. After dark, it was a bit shouty but it definitely wasn’t the gang-torn distopia of urban legend. Nowadays, I live in Fallowfield, which always makes people say ‘…do you like it?‘ Because Fallowfield is for students, and I’m not a student. It has its cons – sometimes it’s noisy, there’s usually rubbish on the pavements and there’s always a queue in the supermarket (I tried going in at 8am one day, thinking the students wouldn’t be up yet. I was right, but instead all the local grannies were doing their weekly shops.)*

But I like Fallowfield as it also has its pros. Like the abundance of street art and the beautiful Platt Fields, which I passed through to take these photos. I hope you agree with me.

*Just to clarify, I’m not a student-hater. But once you’ve graduated from university, students can be really annoying. Actually, I used to get annoyed with students when I was a student. It’s like any group in society – the annoying people always stick out.

vintage corduroy jacket – oxfam // almost-but-not-quite leopardprint dress – warehouse // tights – marks & spencers // wedges – dune // moose bag – a souvenir from vilnius
northwest is best stars go amiss stencil
northwest is best superchild wheatpaste