Square eyed

northwest is best knitted blanket

Do you like this blanket? I knitted it all by myself. Yes, it took ages, and I could do with a lie down just thinking about all the knits and purls that went into it. But that’s fine because I like to knit when I’m on public transport. It makes me feel like I’m using the time productively, plus nobody wants to sit next to a knitter.
As every knitter knows, squares are a good way to use up leftover yarns and to try out new stitches. Both of which I achieved, and I learned a lot about knitting along the way. So much that I’ve moved onto knitting clothes, such as these socks. Like so many other skills, mastering knitting takes time and patience. One of these days I’ll be taking on Rodarte and Sandra Backlund with my knitting skills.

northwest is best knitted squares

northwest is best knitted square plaited cable