Sounds From The Other City

action beat

On Sunday, I crossed the canal to go to Salford for Sounds From The Other City. Physically, Salford is very close to Manchester – within spitting distance, if you can spit quite far – but psychologically it feels distant. If there was a nicer cycle route I’d visit more often, but an all-dayer of bands, beer and banter tempted me across the water.
As with every other multi-venue band-a-thon I’ve been to, realising that I wouldn’t be able to watch every band in every venue gave me the sads, but I tried my best. Action Beat (the sweaty bods at top) and Float Riverer were especially wonderful. As was the lavender-flavoured beer on tap at the Kings Arms, now known as ‘my new favourite pub‘.

It wasn’t all white boys with guitars though, as Sonny Smith’s 100 Records were on display in Islington Mill (some of my favourites are below). This made my brain leap around and my hands spontaneously joyclap. Sonny is a San Francisco-based artist and all-round creative type, who kept himself busy by writing 200 songs – A-sides and B-sides – for fictitious musicians, then asking artists to submit seven-inch cover designs. He even wrote biographies for the fake bands. Just thinking about this makes me need to put the kettle on.


sounds from tother city

Sonny Smith 100 Records - Hazel Shepp

Sonny Smith 100 Records - Loud Fast Fools

Sonny Smith 100 Records - Otter Chant

Sonny Smith 100 Records - Sunset Theme

Sonny Smith 100 Records - Hank Champion