northwest is best red handmade burda top again

For too long I’ve been opening my mouth and blah blah blah-ing about how I’m ‘learning to sew’. It was time to shut my trap and get on with it, so I had a lesson with Sara of Needlebugs in Nexus, a not-for-profit cafe and community art space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Sara patiently explained away all the little mysteries of dressmaking, like bias-binding and darts. Plus she didn’t make me feel like a total noob for asking questions. So thank you, Sara!

The result of this is my first ever sewing project from a pattern (Burdastyle 7519, pattern fans). My sewing machine is a neat John Lewis Mini in pistachio, and we get on pretty well. But I still uttered a few swears while trying to convince it to sew in a straight line – the cost-effective polyester I used was a bit slippery. However, the end result is an actual piece of clothing. With armholes and darts and seams and a hem and everything. I win! Not sure on the pattern though – it’s a bit Wednesday afternoon special at the bingo. Two for one on cards and all that.

If you’re based in Manchester and want a sewing lesson, I’d recommend pinging Sara an email at But there are other places offering lessons in Manchester to suit all schedules, skill-levels and budgets, so in the interests of fairness here’s a little list:
Rags to Bitches
Ministry of Craft

northwest is best red handmade burda top