Chorlton Alternative Art Class
Last week, my friend Lauren asked me to model for the art class she runs in Chorlton. Not being one to turn down new opportunities, I said yes and had a look through my wardrobe for something suitable to wear. (Currently, it’s not a life drawing class due to the chilly temperatures.) Being scrutinised by a roomful of strangers felt a little odd at first, but the gentle scratching of pencils and brushes became quite meditative. The final work by all the artists was varied – it was interesting to see how everybody had responded and used different media. Plus I was impressed by the quality of everybody’s work, especially as some of the poses were only for three minutes or so.
So if you’re in south Manchester and have been looking for a Wednesday evening art class, you should get yourself down to Lauren’s class at the Waters Edge Centre, Manchester Road (downhill from Croma). It’s £5 and starts at 7.30pm.

Chorlton Alternative Class