Platt Fields Gallery of Costume

alexander mcqueen shoes fifties dresses

Manchester has many wonderful museums and galleries, and I’m lucky to live close to one of my favourites: the Gallery of Costume. Since it reopened last March following a refurbishment, I’ve been several times and wanted to show some photos from my most recent visit.
With over 20,000 pieces, it’s the second largest costume collection in the UK and there is more than enough on display to gaze at in wonderment. The building also contains a small button museum and temporary exhibitions, like Adnan Byyat’s dress, crocheted from Sainsbury’s carrier bags. Clothing on display dates back to the 17th century. Each time I visit something different catches my eye, and most recently it was the jazzy Alexander McQueen winklepickers (top left) and oh-so-elegant 1950s day dresses (top right).
Entry is free and it’s open 1.30pm-4.30pm Wednesday to Saturday. The gallery is housed in Platt Hall, at the bottom of the Curry Mile. If you’re not familiar with Manchester it is a bit of a trip out of the city centre, but you just need to jump on one of the many buses going down Oxford Road towards Fallowfield. Handy hint: get on one of the Magic Buses. They’re cheaper.


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