Cabled cushion cover

Knitted cabled cushion cover
Knitted cabled cushion cover

Another knitting project complete. This time it’s a cushion cover, made using this pattern. Because I used chunky yarn and fat needles it was quick to make, plus it makes my sofa look much brighter. As you might have noticed from my previous knitting project – a hot water bottle cosy – I’m rather fond of cables. If I continue at this rate of production my house will end up looking like this. Continue reading “Cabled cushion cover”

Outfit: Silk

Silk blouse and Cheap Monday jeans

Outfit photos are the bread and butter of personal fashion bloggers, but you’d have to go back to 7 September to see what I’ve been wearing. Gradually, I’ve become move fussy about the quality and quantity of clothing I own, and about the image I’m projecting. A lot of my clothes have been donated to charity shops, and I’m deciding on a simpler and more consistent way of dressing in the future.

This outfit isn’t perfect, but it’s moving towards how I want to look. Although there’s no label inside this light cream blouse I know it’s high quality as it’s silk and has French seams inside. There’s room for two mes inside it, so I’m wearing it backwards. The olive green Cheap Monday jeans were indeed cheap – a fiver from TK Maxx – but fail my quality control. The waistband sits too low on my hip, and the fabric bunches at my knees (or is that due to my skinny legs?).

silk blouse – save the children charity shop // cheap monday jeans via tk maxx // black wedges – dune // socks – marks and spencer // necklace – a gift

Silk blouse and Cheap Monday jeans

What I made Wednesday: Lady Gaga collage

lady gaga collage

With a pot of PVA glue, a pair of nail scissors and a pile of junk mail, I made this collage of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album cover. It’s a birthday card for my friend Ben. You’re right – I could have gone to a shop and bought him a card, but that wouldn’t give me an opportuntiy to get my arts ‘n crafts on. And a shop bought card doesn’t give you the same gooey feeling of ‘hey! I made this for you! Because you’re my friend!‘*

Everyday, a few takeaway leaflets are shoved through my front door, and they go straight from the letterbox to the recycling bin. It was only when I saw Sandhi Schimmel Gold’s collages that I realised they had a use.

Ben isn’t a big Lady Gaga fan, but the Born This Way album cover is a bold and recognisable image, plus I knew he would appreciate the gesture of a homemade card.

Happy birthday, Ben!

* I once laboured over a handmade gift for a friend, then presented it to them. Beaming, I told them ‘I made this for you!‘ They examined it. Then said: ‘errrr, why?

lady gaga collage holding

Northern Quarter cool kids

northwest is best northern quarter cool kids

My chum Andy took these photos of me. Wasn’t that nice of him? As you can see, he made the beginner’s mistake of taking the photos too well and now I will be hassling him to be my shutterbug. Uh oh, spaghetti O, Andy.

We were in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter, where we headed for a cheeky drink before an afternoon of volunteering in Oxfam Originals. Actually, maybe we should rename it Trendy Northern Quarter, so that everybody understands it’s full of Trendy Bars, Trendy Shops and Trendy People (like me and Andy).

coat and striped t-shirt – boyfriend’s // peach scarf – oxfam originals // necklace – a gift // skirt – beyond retro // handbag – charity shop // brogues – schuh

northwest is best northern quarter cool kids 2


northwest is best broffel 3

Sometimes, when I wear outfits like this or this, that people might not respect my intelligence. As I consider my brain to be my best feature, this concerns me. So here I am, trying to keep things minimal. Minimal can include floral sunglasses and stripey socks, can’t it?

Also, I’m not really posing outside the entrance to a brothel. It’s actually the fire exit from the Co-op (‘The Co-operative’, a large convenience shop/diminutive supermarket, for all you non-UKers).

sunglasses – st ann’s hospice charity shop // pink blouse – age uk charity shop // necklace – inherited from my grandmother // trousers – topman // brogues – old topshop // bag – thomas pink
northwest is best broffel 2

Hot summer

northwest is best ski pants and wedges
Summer arrived in Manchester. There was one hot day when everyone put on the flip flops and stretched their arms skywards, blinking and bewildered at the shining sun. The pavements filled up with pale beings unused to that strange warm feeling on their skin, awkwardly shuffling along like Gollum. After months of drizzle and grey clouds I thought black leather wedges were a sensible choice for a hot day. Turns out they’re not.

Thanks to Lauren for the photos.

sunglasses – st ann’s hospice charity shop // vintage nightie – rokit // colourful ski pants – ryan vintage // black wedges – dune


Stitched Up: sustainable fashion


Just wanted to let you know about Stitched Up, a new ethical fashion collective that I’m part of. I’ve been leading workshops for a while, and it’s great to find a group of talented and enthusiastic ladies all interested in sustainable fashion. Plus we have a range of skills we’re able to offer, including knitting, sewing, styling and screenprinting. Together, we’ll be offering some wonderful workshops and swap shops.

Our first workshop will be on Wednesday 22 June at Creative Corner Cafe

in Whalley Range. It’s a chance to Pimp Your Party Frock. Got a dress hiding in the back of your wardrobe that you never wear? This is the workshop for you, as we can show you how to shorten the hem, embellish it with bows, adjust the fit… anything you fancy.

Pimp Your Party Frock runs from 7pm-9pm and costs £15 (including refreshments!). You can reserve your place by emailing

What I made Wednesday: laced up socks

northwest is best laced up socks

Knitting socks is a bit addictive. This is the latest pair to have come off my double point needles, knitted from Janice Kang’s pattern in the second Stitch ‘n Bitch book, Superstar Knitting. Lacey socks are a favourite of mine, and this pattern reminds me of scarabs. In a good way.
The only problem with wearing handknitted socks like these is that I’m always disappointed that people don’t run up to me in the street to congratulate me on my brilliance. Somebody validate me, please. Continue reading “What I made Wednesday: laced up socks”