Oxfam Originals photoshoot

Oxfam Orignals Manchester photoshoot

It’s not every Sunday a girl gets to have her hair crimped in the chilly basement of a Northern Quarter, but this wasn’t just any old Sunday. I spent all day dressed up, dressed down and directed in the downstairs of Soup Kitchen for an Oxfam Originals photoshoot.
The hard work was done by others, including outfit styling by Lauren Reyhani and makeup expertly applied by Katy Brody (even though I started twitching as soon as she sharpened her eyeliner pencil). The images above are just quick snaps, but Proper Photos taken by a Proper Photographer will follow at some point in the future.
My favourite look is the white suit at top right. Combined with the French plaits it’s giving off a Liz-Lemon-dressed-as-Princess-Leia-vibe, don’t you think?

Oxfam Originals Manchester photoshoot