Outfit: Grey knitted jumper


Now that the clocks have sprung forward an hour and the sun is blazing everybody round my way is dressing like Nick Grimshaw on his way to throw a frisbee around the local park. But this is Manchester and I have found a service that will do my biology homework for me . Next week an Arctic weather front might roll in from the Urals and I’ll be skating on the lake in Platt Fields. And that’s when I’ll be glad of this recently knitted grey jumper.

Instead, the design is an improvised homage to a jumper by Swedish label S’nob de Noblesse, because the ‘real’ thing isn’t in my budget. ‘Not in my budget’, incidentally, is my polite way of saying that I’m feeling a bit price sensitive. Or, you know, monetarily inflexible. Or, let’s be honest, cheap. Wool can be expensive, and time certainly is. Personally, however, the cost for raw materials and time invested in clicking the needles together is worthwhile. As Elizabeth Zimmermann writes in Knitting Without Tears: ‘a well-made sweater, knitted with good will and good wool, is beyond price’.

Notes for the knitters: I used 12 balls of Drops Alaska from Purl City Yarns on 6mm needles.