On reflection


Another Wednesday, another feminism-related blog post. This week’s topic is ‘feminist fashion-related things learnt from other women (or men).’ Whenever I hear the word ‘topic’ I think of Hot Topic by Le Tigre – it’s a right old tune. But back to the subject: what I’ve learned about feminism from other women and men is that there isn’t a single version of feminism, but lots of feminisms. There’s the fearless, wearing-it-on-your-t-shirt (well, Kathleen Hanna sweater) of Style Rookie Tavi. Then there’s the self-made millionaire feminism of Katie Price. Or the poststructuralist feminism of Hélène Cixous.

There’s a confusing and contradictory world of feminism out there.

Therefore, we should stop worrying and start listening to Le Tigre.

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