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northwest is best handknitted stocking

After many a yarn over and k2tog, I’ve finished knitting a pair of vintage inspired seamed stockings from Susan Crawford’s book Vintage Gifts to Knit. If only I could put them on straight away and dance around in an outfit… but I can’t, because this pair (don’t let the photograph above deceive you, there really are two of them) are destined for the feet of my friend Lauren. Do I start another pair for me, or knit the delightful hooded bed jacket? Decisions…
Technical notes for the knitters: I used Sirdar cotton, not wool, due to budget. Out of personal preference, I followed Cookie A’s instructions for knitting the heel, foot and toe instead of those in the pattern. Vintage Gifts to Knit has 16 darling patterns and I didn’t notice any inaccuracies, so I give it two thumbs up if you’re looking for vintage knitting patterns.

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