Girl Stalk: Daphne Burki

daphne burki vogue
Riding a bike, playing the piano, driving a car. Things like that are hard to forget, because if you practise long enough your muscles remember them. Languages, however, are more slippery. If I neglect from my French skills for a while I can almost feel the vocabulary dribbling from my brain. I’m not fluent, but after the hours of chanting verbs like incantations (je SUIS, tu ES, il EST, nous SOMMES, vous ÊTES, ils SONT…)

This is why I often like to watch L’édition spéciale online, a magazine show on Canal Plus. My favourite presenter is the ever-smiling opinion-giver Daphne Bürki. With her penchant for shoulder pads, bright colours and daytime sequins she always looks très jolie. She doesn’t also get it right, but she looks like she’s having loads of fun trying.
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