northwest is best feminist
‘How do you express your feminism in the way you dress?’ came the question from Feminist Fashion Bloggers.
I scratched my head. I tapped my pen on the desk. The scheduled Wednesday posting date came and went. And how do I express my feminism in the way I dress? My answer: I don’t. Because there are many other bloggers answering the same question in an engaged and considered way, I hesitated with my response because it feels a bit curt and… well… rude.

But it’s the only sensible answer I have.
Other people can interpret the way I dress as feminist if they wish. I mainly wear flat shoes, which could be seen as feminist because I’m not concerned with the leg slimming and lengthening effect of heels which would make said legs appear more attractive to the male gaze and therefore be anti-feminist and so on and so on… If you must know, my avoidance of high heeled shoes is partly due to a fear of bunions. But then, look at these photos. I’m wearing heels today. Gasp! And why? Because I felt like it. What a contrary Mary.
red dress – asos.com via charity shop // customised top – h&m // black wedges – dune
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