Cycle Chic

northwest is best cycle chic
Yesterday, I met up with my chum LC of Naturally Cycling: Manchester for a chat about our new joint blogging project – Manchester Cycle Chic. It’s time for the internet to enjoy images of chic Manchester cyclists. Although I’ve only been cycling for a year or so, I absolutely love it and want more people to get out on their bikes in the fresh air. Look at me above, toting my handbag and wearing a miniskirt (shorts underneath). You don’t need specialised equipment, just a bicycle.

Well, LC and I did talk about blogging, but also about cycling infrastructure in Manchester. When I cycle I’m usually alone, so it’s nice to talk to another cyclist and compare notes on cycling lanes, dropped kerbs and routes to avoid (Upper Brook Street, if you’re wondering). Because there’s so much that could be improved for cyclists I think that me and LC could have chatted all evening, but I’m optimistic that Manchester can become a cycling city. We’re a long way from Copenhagen, but gradually getting better.
Also, if you’re a Manchester photographer and want to contribute to Manchester Cycle Chic, just bob me an email:
jacket – little red vintage, liverpool // dress – unicorn vintage, oxford // grey t-shirt – american apparel // tights – jonathan aston // brogues – topshop