Costa del Reddish

northwest is best costa del reddish

Manchester does a lot of things well, including green spaces. Reddish Vale Country Park is an especially nice green space in south Manchester, below a railway viaduct. Apparently a witch cursed it when it was built, and you’ll be cursed too if you count the arches. Don’t worry – I didn’t include all of them in the photographs, so you should be safe.

Being a hot day, there were people swigging from cans of beer, children paddling in the river and a man leading a pony around for exercise. You could almost be at the beach… if you hardly ever go to the beach and are prepared to accept grass instead of sand.
“Eh, nice bike!” shouted a man hobbling past on crutches, his tracksuit top rolled up to reveal a peek of tattooed bicep. “Looks heavy though,” he added. “Bet it’s all right going downhill.” He was right. Luckily, Manchester doesn’t have many hills.
t-shirt – ebay // belt and sunglasses – charity shop // tights – marks & spencer // plimsolls – closing down shop // denim shorts – an old pair i chopped up
northwest is best costa del reddish
northwest is best costa del reddish 2
northwest is best reddish vale viaduct
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