Check me out: polyester

northwest is best polyester

No more polyester,‘ I told myself. ‘No more clinging, sweaty synthetic fabrics. Natural all the way. Cashmere. Silk. Cotton. Quality not quantity.‘ But shuffling the rails in one of my favourite charity shops* I found this Uniqlo dress, brand new with tags. Were there a Uniqlo store in Manchester, I’d consider shopping there. 100% polyester, but it won’t crease if packed in a weekend bag. Plus the black scribbles remind me of Keith Haring.
So I found myself almost failing the fingertip test wearing this. But with tights and shorts underneath it passed my cycling modesty test, until I was waiting at a traffic light. ‘You should be done for dangerous driving…‘ a man on the pavement with a hopeful smile shouted. ‘…with legs like those!‘ The light turned green before I had to respond.
Also – that hair got cut and those weeds got pulled.

* What am I saying? All charity shops are my favourites.

ruffled blouse – charity shop // dress – uniqlo via cancer research charity shop // tights – marks & spencers // flat shoes – stead & simpson