With Purls

I was always wondering how people do all those finger-knitted stuff from rugs and blankets up to scarfs and earrings. Being an expert knitter, I realized that the peak of finger-knitting still wasn’t conquered, so I looked through a lot of sites where someone writes essay with detailed instructions and patterns. Finally, i decided to knit a necklace (it sounds sooo weird).

Seems like choosing the pattern took me more time than knitting process itself. It is literally the most easy-to-do thing I’ve ever crafted.

You can find a YouTube tutorial to finger-knit as it is quite widespread technique. I saw even an online store, which sell finger-knitted outdoor clothes. It looked pretty cute and so much overpriced for extremely simple DIY stuff.

I also like this necklace fits the idea of recycling and is totally eco. It’s a bit massive I guess, but it will lay great on some tender silk shirt or tee.

And I’ll leave you with this pun ‘How do you make knitted jewelry? With purls’.

PS to the knitters: t-shirt yarn is even easier to do. It took me 15 minutes only. Just take some cotton jersey t-shirt and cut it in corkscrew way to get a long thread. Tug, tug and tug to make it curl. The end!

Outfit: Grey knitted jumper


Now that the clocks have sprung forward an hour and the sun is blazing everybody round my way is dressing like Nick Grimshaw on his way to throw a frisbee around the local park. But this is Manchester and I have found a service that will do my biology homework for me . Next week an Arctic weather front might roll in from the Urals and I’ll be skating on the lake in Platt Fields. And that’s when I’ll be glad of this recently knitted grey jumper. Continue reading “Outfit: Grey knitted jumper”

My first knitting project

Striped scarf
Striped scarf
These days I might seem like an Olympic-standard knitter (for example, consider these stockings, or this hot water bottle cover) but this scarf is the first thing I knitted on my own. YES THAT’S RIGHT, ALL ON MY OWN. Using my very own hands and fingers and brain powers. OK, my grandmother did the casting on and off. But the rest of it was my handiwork. Apart from when stitches multiplied on the needles without my bidding, and Gran had to take over. So about 80% solo. The neon, 1990s colour scheme was all my own design. Continue reading “My first knitting project”