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Skirts with mid-shin hemlines never feel quite right to me. They’re not quite long, not quite short and not quite… flattering. This one’s a good ‘un though, especially when the weather is hot. The midges obviously agreed as my legs were bitten a lot.

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northwest is best frump

Handknitted stockings

northwest is best handknitted stocking

After many a yarn over and k2tog, I’ve finished knitting a pair of vintage inspired seamed stockings from Susan Crawford’s book Vintage Gifts to Knit. If only I could put them on straight away and dance around in an outfit… but I can’t, because this pair (don’t let the photograph above deceive you, there really are two of them) are destined for the feet of my friend Lauren. Do I start another pair for me, or knit the delightful hooded bed jacket? Decisions…
Technical notes for the knitters: I used Sirdar cotton, not wool, due to budget. Out of personal preference, I followed Cookie A’s instructions for knitting the heel, foot and toe instead of those in the pattern. Vintage Gifts to Knit has 16 darling patterns and I didn’t notice any inaccuracies, so I give it two thumbs up if you’re looking for vintage knitting patterns.

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northwest is best handknitted stocking top

Victoria Baths

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Victoria Baths opened in south Manchester in 1906, and closed in 1993. Since then, volunteers have campaigned for the building to be restored and used by the local community. Inside, there are three old pools, for first class males, second class males and females.
After restoraion of the stained glass, tiling and electrics, most of the building is safe for visitors who can take guided tours or enjoy some of the building’s other uses, such as vintage fairs. My fingers are crossed for the next phase of the restoration: reopening of the Turkish steam rooms. Continue reading “Victoria Baths”

What happened to charity shop bargains?

northwest is best oxfam originals shoes

Recently, I’ve read posts around the fashion blogosphere that are critical of prices in charity shops. As someone who has volunteered in different Oxfam shops over the past six years, I want to defend the pricing system. Since last May, I’ve volunteered at Oxfam Originals in the centre of Manchester. It’s a small shop but despite the diminutive size it’s one of the best vintage clothing shops in the city. My experience of volunteering in charity shops is limited to Oxfam, so of course I’m not writing on behalf of other charity shops, who I’m sure all have their own pricing systems
To people who believe that ¬£14.99 for a beautiful vintage dress in excellent condition is expensive, I would like to point out that: Continue reading “What happened to charity shop bargains?”