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northwest is best silk route

Took a trip out of Manchester to Macclesfield, and what a grand old trip it was. It’s only 20 minutes on the train, but feels far from the big city as you can see the green hills surrounding the town. Macclesfield was a famous silk weaving town, so I went to the Silk Museum to fill my head with knowledge on silk worms, jacquard weaving and looms. Seeing the skill involved in designing and weaving beautiful garments – before everything was done by computer – made me feel very humble.

The trousers I’m wearing are a new purchase, from Topman. Feeling fed up of women’s trousers with their low rise waistbands and no-pockets, I decided to sniff out whether another from Topman would fit me. It turns out that teenage boys shop at Topman, and not just men, so the sizes go down all the way to a 26 inch waistband. Plus they have pockets big enough to stash my wallet and phone in. A good result.

corduroy jacket – vintage // john lewis scarf – a gift // gloves – blue rinse // trousers – topman // brogues – topshop // bag – charity shop
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Choodessny chelloveck

northwest is best choodessny chelloveck
Newsflash everybody: romance ain’t dead. Yesterday, a slim parcel arrived at my house, addressed to my droog. “Open it,” he said. “It’s for you.” Inside was a small enamel badge of an InterCity 125. Now, I’m no train expert (unlike my droog), but it did make me squee with delight. Some girls get rings, flowers, bracelets… I get a tiny badge of an old diesel train. And I’m happy. What a wonderful chap he is. Continue reading “Choodessny chelloveck”